Posted by: nancyisanders | April 14, 2016

Critique Group

I highly recommend you belong to a critique group.

If you already belong to a critique group…super!

If you don’t, do what I did recently when I decided I wanted to belong to a critique group that mostly focuses on nonfiction picture books.

I contacted a couple of gals and invited them to start up a new group with me. One I already knew in person. The others I only knew from online writing groups I was in like Facebook or a nonfiction yahoo group.

Some writers I contacted couldn’t join, so along with the others who could join, we asked writer friends of friends until we had 4 gals who wanted to be part of the group.

The rules were pretty simple. Each writer submits one manuscript a month. We take turns so on every Monday someone submits a manuscript. The others have until Sunday evening to e-mail back feedback on the manuscript. (We insert comments and track changes in Word.)

I have grown to love this group so much. It’s really helping me be a better nonfiction picture book writer.

And you can do the same!

Just reach out and ask some other children’s authors you see on Facebook writing groups or in yahoo writing groups.

If you don’t belong to any online writing groups for nonfiction children’s writers, let us know and we can give you some links to places you can join. So you can start up a group so when you get the first draft of your manuscript finished (if you’re following along here on this journey to submit to Charlesbridge publishers) you’ll have a group you can share your manuscript with.

And if this all sounds like too much to even think about, then here’s what I recommend:

Sign up and attend Pat Miller’s AMAZING conference called “Nonfiction for New Folks.” It takes place in Texas next September. I’ll be there to teach along with a line-up of AWESOME nonfiction children’s writers. CLICK HERE to register and find out more.

Because one of the amazing benefits at the conference will be that you’ll meet, actually meet, other folks who love writing nonfiction as much as you do. And Pat will take you by the hand and help you gain the confidence you need to really move forward in this whole writing journey. She limits this conference to 36 members so we can really connect with each other and with this market.

And then the idea of starting up an online critique group to focus on nonfiction will seem easy peasy!




  1. I love my critique groups but would really love to have strong NF partners…so if you ever have an opening, Nancy, I’d love to apply!!!

  2. I’m in a couple of fantastic critique groups and so grateful for my writing partners. I am signed up for NF 4 NF and I look forward to the experience!

    • So glad you’re plugged in with your writing groups!!! And I can’t wait to see you in Texas…Yeehaw!

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