Posted by: nancyisanders | May 31, 2016

NF PB Journey: The End


This is my cat Sandman. Doesn’t he look content and satisfied cuddling up with the quilt I made for our son and daughter-in-law’s nephew?

That’s how our ending should be.

In our mentor text, DIRTY RATS? it starts out by asking a question. On the last page of the main text, pages 26-27, it answers that question based on all the information it has been presenting.

In the beginning of our manuscript, if we followed along with DIRTY RATS? we also asked a question.

So here, on the last page of our text, let’s answer that question. We need to make sure we answer it based on the information we provided.

This should leave our readers feeling a sense of satisfaction, even if we leave the answer open-ended like in our mentor text.

Then, after we write our ending, we can add in back matter to add depth and content. You can add in content that mirrors our mentor text, or you can add in such ingredients as a glossary or a timeline.

So have fun! You’re nearing the finish line! Write the ending of your manuscript and the back matter.



  1. When do you have time to quilt, Nancy?

    • Actually, some friends meet at my house once a month or so and we spend the day quilting together. It’s a nice hobby!

  2. Dear Nancy, Thank you for taking us from beginning to the end of Dirty Rats…I I must confess that I just received the book so will have to go back and review the whole lesson. When I ordered Rats, I also ordered Frederick Douglas for Kids by Nancy I. Sanders. Wow, you are amazing. There is so much information, crafts, Historical facts in this book. The author’s extensive research shines in the one! I don’t know how “she” does so much!!!

    • Dear Mona, I’m so glad you’re going to go back and embark on this journey, too. And thank you for your kind, sweet words about my book, Frederick Douglass for Kids. Frederick Douglass is one of my heroes, so I’m glad you’re getting to know him better, too!

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