Posted by: nancyisanders | June 4, 2016

Resources for Writers of Nonfiction for Children


It has been a joy to share our recent journey together learning more about writing nonfiction for children. I know so many of you have an interest in writing and publishing nonfiction for children, so I wanted to give you several resources here on one post to have handy at your fingertips.

For starters, if you just started following my blog (as I know some of you have and I’m so grateful to have you join us here!) I want to provide the link to start the very first step of the journey we’ve been taking to learn how to write a nonfiction picture book and target Charlesbridge publisher as a place to submit it. CLICK HERE to start with the first post and then click through the following consecutive pages on my blog to get all the free information I share about this process. I hope you find helpful tips and strategies and techniques to help you write and submit a nonfiction picture book, too!

If you would like a more in-depth class and want to purchase one to learn more about the strategies and steps I use to land contracts and write nonfiction for kids you might want to get my four session audio-workshop called HOW TO WRITE A CHILDREN’S NONFICTION BOOK IN A MONTH. I’ve had over 100 books published by publishers big and small, many of these nonfiction books for kids, and in this audio workshop I share  practical and helpful steps I actually take from beginning to end to take an idea to published success. This workshop includes over 4 hours of teaching along with 30+ handouts to help you each step of the way on your own writing journey. CLICK HERE for more information about this workshop and to learn how you can purchase it so that you can progress through the sessions at your own pace.

I know that many writers, myself included, make plans to attend at least one writer’s conference each year. The personal face-to-face contact is so important, along with networking and learning…in person and in real time. If you would like to attend a conference this year especially to grow as a writer in the field of nonfiction for children, I want to invite you to join me and an all-star faculty of nonfiction children’s writers! We’ll be in Texas in September in my favorite conference ever (and I’ve attended lots!) joining our amazing and much-loved conference leader Pat Miller at NONFICTION FOR NEW FOLKS (NF4NF). This year, I’m excited to say that I’ll be sharing an insider’s perspective about how to land a contract and write for Chicago Review Press, one of my favorite publishers of nonfiction for kids. (I’ve had 4 nonfiction children’s books published by them and am currently under contract with Chicago Review Press for my next one.) If you’re considering joining us in Texas, don’t delay, however, because this conference is limited to just 36 attendees to guarantee your experience is personal and you feel nurtured and helped along your writing journey as never before. CLICK HERE for more information about this wonderful conference, its faculty, its workshops, and how to register. THIS CONFERENCE TRULY MAKES A DIFFERENCE in the lives of those who attend…I’m already hearing stories of last year’s attendees who are landing contracts since we met together!

I hope you find these resources helpful along your own journey as a writer of nonfiction for children. Thanks for joining along in the fun!



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