Posted by: nancyisanders | June 6, 2016

Hello Summer!


Our hibiscus is blooming a brilliant red. The sun is shining. It’s summer!

I thought it would be fun to do something different this summer here on my blog. This past year, I’ve had more and more of you sign up to follow my blog. It’s so exciting to have you join the journey we’re taking together as writers!

But I’ve been blogging since 2007. That’s a lot of years of useful tips and strategies that you probably have not yet read.

So this summer I thought it could be fun to post a series of OLDIES BUT GOODIES. These will all be blogs that were posted in the past here on my blog. I hope you’ll find some nuggets of gold that will help you with your own writing today.

Here’s one that I thought you’d enjoy. It’s especially timely to remember if you’re traveling this summer on vacation.


Yesterday I had to travel to a nearby city, so I took a few moments extra and visited their local library used book store. Whenever I go somewhere like this, I like to add an extra stop to explore the local library’s used book store. As always, I found some great finds–most for just 50 cents. I found books I can use for research sources on topics I’m writing about–and they offer a unique slant I might not have considered including. Plus, I found 2 books to give to my friend who is a writer on the current topic she’s researching. Libraries often have great used book stores where they deposit books they’re clearing from their shelves–often quite expensive volumes for a really low price. The other place I’ve also found fantastic finds is when I visit the local univeristy on my travels. Most have a used book store as well and often include great textbook finds on the subject you’re researching.


  1. I’m looking forward to a summer of “Oldies but Goodies”. Thanks, Nancy!

    • Yay! Aren’t you glad June arrived and summer is officially here? To celebrate today, a monarch just emerged from its chrysalis on our patio plant.

  2. Great ideas: Oldies but Goodies AND checking out libraries on our travels. I’m actually going several states away for a writer’s retreat and will be doing this very thing. Thanks for the great idea, Nancy!

    • How delightful, Heather! Have lots of fun…both at the retreat AND the libraries!

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