Posted by: nancyisanders | June 29, 2016

The Parable of the Shoemaker: Part 2

A parable about writing…
In Part 1 of the story on my previous blog post, the shoemaker finished making her very first pair of shoes. All her friends agreed they were perfect! She decided to market the shoes and sell them.

Part 2
The shoemaker found a book of addresses of people who bought shoes. She mailed the little blue jogging shoes to the first name in the book. And following the advice of her fellow shoemakers, as soon as those shoes were in the mail, she started work to make her next pair of shoes.

She was almost done making her second pair of shoes when the first pair arrived back in her mailbox with a note. The note said, “Thanks, but not quite the right fit.” Disappointed, but realizing that it was tough to sell shoes in today’s market, she mailed them right out to the second name in her book. In the meantime, she continued working on her second pair of shoes.

Everyone agreed that her second pair of shoes was even more beautiful than the first. And so she mailed her second pair of shoes to a name from her book. In the meantime, she started work on another pair of shoes…and then another…each time, mailing the finished shoes out to another name from her book. But each time the shoes would arrive back in her mailbox. Nobody purchased a single pair of shoes.

The shoemaker (for by now she dared to call herself a shoemaker) was really starting to get depressed. All her life she had dreamed of being a shoemaker, but now nobody would buy her shoes even though she was sure they were well made. All her friends agreed that her shoes were very beautiful and well crafted. But without any success, she was almost to the point where she was going to quit making shoes forever.

Until one day, the shoemaker met a new friend.

Come back soon for Part 3 of the Shoemaker!

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