Posted by: nancyisanders | January 26, 2017

Exciting News: Christian Writers Conference!


I’m so excited to share with you that there’s a brand writers’ conference in town. It’s coming to southern CA this summer and it’s going to rock because it’s founded on the Rock!

Check out the SoCal Christian Writers’ Conference and see all the amazing staff who are already lined up to teach us how to be the best scribes in God’s Kingdom that we can be.

Come one and come all. Come near and from far away. But if you live local to La Mirada, CA, and you would like to help out in exchange for a scholarship to cut theĀ registration fees, GUESS WHAT?!

They WANT, they NEED, they ARE ASKING for volunteers!

CLICK HERE to find out all the great and glorious details!!!!


  1. Hi Nancy! Thank you for letting us know about this opportunity! I live in CA and will be looking into possibly attending.

    If I may ask a question…I’m reading your book on Learning to Write Children’s Books and I am working on my writer’s schedule according to your pyramid. I’m wondering where social media falls? Do you include that in your Personal fulfillment, no pay-low pay, or Income category? It seems to be a necessary part of a writing career, so I’m just wondering where it falls on the pyramid.
    I’m really enjoying the practical advice in your book and so appreciate having a detailed roadmap for a writing career. For the first time It really feels doable for me. Thank you!

    • You’re welcome for the news…I’m trying to work out my schedule to see if I can go too…It looks awesome! And I’m so excited that you’re working your way through my book. Hmmm…social media…that’s a good question. In fact, it deserves a good answer! How about if I answer your question in an upcoming post here on my blog…hopefully by next week. Stay tuned!

      • That’s sounds perfect! I’ll look forward to reading it…

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