Posted by: nancyisanders | May 15, 2017

Local Writer’s Conference

cherry blossoms and orange bridge HPIM0252.jpg

Isn’t this a beautiful setting? It’s the cherry blossoms in a local garden near where I live in southern CA.

Setting is important. It’s important to us in special events and important to us in our day to day lives. It’s also important in the stories we write.

Do you live near me in southern CA? Are you free this coming Saturday on May 20? Then come join me at a local Christian writing conference in Chino and take my setting workshop. We’ll be doing setting exercises with your personal writing project in mind, so hopefully you will get some great strategies to make your setting as meaningful and well-written as you can.

Most of all, however, the goal of this conference is to connect local Christian writers with other local Christian writers. So come on over and get connected!

CLICK HERE to see the Facebook page for the event, CHINO VALLEY ASPIRING WRITERS’ CONFERENCE.

CLICK HERE to register. It’s just $20. What a great deal for connections and information that can make a difference in your life as a writer.

Mark your calendar. Hope to see you there!




  1. beautiful, wish I could join you. Looks like a lovely place to write.

  2. Is Nancy okay? I miss her posts.

    • Hi Sharon, Yes I’m okay! Thanks for asking. It’s just that it’s been crazy busy since this last post. In June we went back to a family reunion to celebrate my Mom’s 90th birthday…In July we traveled in France and England doing a photo research trip for my current book deadline. And now I’m scrambling to race against the clock to get my book deadline done by November. Every day I think, “I will post on my blog when I get my work done for today”…and that never happens until really late at night, so my blogging hasn’t happened, either. Hopefully soon I’ll be posting again.

      And how are YOU? We’re praying for all the folks in Texas…and now on the east coast, too.

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