Posted by: nancyisanders | August 19, 2018

Author Platform 101

P1050156 website jeff and nancy and bench.JPG

Last summer Jeff and I toured England to research famous English novelist Jane Austen (think Pride and Prejudice and Mr. Darcy). Here we are standing behind one of the beautiful benches painted to celebrate all-things-Jane during the gala events surrounding the 200th anniversary of her death.

Right now I’m building my author’s platform as I prepare for the release of my new book, Jane Austen for Kids.

I’ve peeked into various strategies on building my author platform but most don’t really address my needs as a children’s author or my interests in social media or my level of technology.

So I’m developing my own strategy for building my platform. With the help of some writing friends. (Thank you friends!!!!)

A writing buddy asked if someone could write “Platform for Dummies,” so I agreed to post the steps I’m taking here on my blog. Hopefully you’ll find useful tips and strategies to build your own children’s writer’s platform, too!

I want to say this:

NO! You do NOT have to do it all.

Whew! Breathe a sigh of relief.

Don’t look at anyone else’s platform and cry because you’ll never be able to do it all. You can’t. I can’t.

Start in the Social media you already have. Build your platform first in the arena you’re comfortable in. Then try some new ones on for size. If they fit your personality and goals, go for it! If not, move on and try something new.

The steps I’m going to share are steps I’m really taking. And they are BASIC. The very beginnings of author platform. That’s why I’m calling these posts AUTHOR PLATFORM 101.

If you like a strategy I’m doing, you can do it too. In your own way. That works best for you.

LAST OF ALL (and most important!)
Manage your time.

Social media can suck up all your time and creative energy.

So I prioritize my writing projects and spend my time writing fresh new content during my most creative time of the day.

For me, this means that I write and work on my current manuscripts every day before noon.

Then, in the evening when I’m thinking of zoning out and watching a movie or reading, I try to spend time working on building my author platform instead.

How will you manage your time?

First of all, here’s what I did: I got a composition notebook to organize my strategies and thoughts.

Right now I’m really enjoying using composition notebooks for brainstorming sessions and writing first drafts and organizing my ideas. Use whichever method you like to use in this current season as a writer…but plan for a place to keep handy notes and jot ideas as we’re building our author platform.

In my upcoming posts, I’ll share:
*How I identified my buying audience for my genre
*My overall plan to start to build my author platform
*Short-term and Long-term goals

PS. For those of you who want to continue with my posts about creating worksheets to sell on your Teachers Pay Teachers store, thank you for your patience! I will continue to post ideas for creating an educator’s guide to help market your book, as I develop the educator’s guide for my upcoming book, Jane Austen for Kids. I’ve been busy editing and finalizing stuff like first pages (this week!) but that is now behind me and next on my plate will be the educator’s guide. I’ll post as I work on it so you can learn how to create one, too.



  1. Love that photo!

  2. Thank you, Nancy. I’ll look forward to your suggestions and strategies.

  3. Thank you for sharing your writing experiences with us. I’ve missed your encouraging and educational posts and look forward to following them again.

  4. I’m thrilled you are doing this, Nancy! Since I’ve signed a contract for my MG Biblical fiction, I’m right there with you. I look forward to your advice!

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