Posted by: nancyisanders | August 27, 2018

Author Platform 101: Goals

P1060867 PUMP

This is the pump in the Pump Room in Bath where Jane Austen and her family (and the characters in her novels) came to drink the healing waters. The pump is probably not original, but it’s still very old and very beautiful.

As I’m moving forward on my journey to build my author platform for the release of my upcoming book, JANE AUSTEN FOR KIDS, first I thought long and hard about LONG-TERM goals I want to achieve.

Here are some of them:

Build 2000 email list on MailChimp
Send out 1-2 newsletters each year to help market my books
Build 1000 followers of my store at Teachers Pay Teachers
Build 50,000 borrowed platform
Build 1000 Twitter followers
Build 4000 Facebook followers (mostly of my BUYING audience)
Pinterest: Learn How to Maximize Boards for Marketing

As you’re taking notes in your composition notebook or other note-keeping format, take time to brainstorm your longterm goals for building your Author’s Platform.

Your goals may look very different than mine. You may want to do 1 author signing every month or do 4 school visits every year, etc.

After you jot down ideas for your longterm goals, organize them into a more formal list that you can refer to over time.

Next break those down into bite-sized chunks for your first set of SHORT-TERM goals. Here are some of mine:

Set up a MailChimp account.
Read a tutorial on how to create an email list on MailChimp.
Add 100 emails to my email list on MailChimp.
Build 100 more followers on Teachers Pay Teachers
Contact 10 writer friends and ask them to be part of my borrowed platform.
Build 100 more followers on Twitter
Friend 100 friends on Facebook from groups I joined from my BUYING audience

Now here’s an exciting idea:

After you write down some concrete short-term goals, pick one.

Just one.

Pick one bite-sized chunk and work on it over the next week or two or three. Then cross it off your list.

In the meantime, I’ll be posting about time management so you can work on this without drowning in the ocean of social media.

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