Posted by: nancyisanders | August 28, 2018

Author Platform 101: Twitter Tips


Want to get your ducks all lined up in a row on your favorite place to tweet?

This past year I attended a writer’s retreat and my roomie was the amazing author, Lisa Amstutz. (I LOVE Lisa’s books about gardening and nonfiction topics for kids. Lisa’s also a fellow Chicago Review Press author who will have her debut book out with them soon!)

Here are some tips on Twitter from Lisa’s desk:

“Just a note for those struggling with Twitter. It’s helpful to install the app on your phone as well as your computer.

I have gotten up to 1700 followers without much effort by just swiping through it once every day or two and ‘following’ several new people each time, usually people Twitter suggests. Most will follow you back.

I follow mainly other children’s writers, teachers, and librarians, as these are the primary people I want to see my book posts.

As I scroll down, I also retweet, comment on, or ‘like’ a few things that look interesting. And on very rare occasions, I actually tweet something.

It really doesn’t take long – like 5 minutes – and you can do it on your phone while watching TV, riding in the car, or whatever.

I could probably build my numbers faster, but they keep growing without much effort this way. So – if Twitter’s a platform you want to use, that’s my suggestion!”

Thanks bunches, Lisa! We appreciate you sharing real info about how you’re really building your author platform.

Lisa Amstutz is a children’s book author and freelance editor. Follow her on Twitter at @LJAmstutz or visit her fun website at

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