Posted by: nancyisanders | August 30, 2018

Author Platform 101: Q and A

Here’s another question from my cyber writing friend, Jarm:

My upcoming book will resonate with home educators, church librarians, Christian schools and others who enjoy MG historical/Biblical fiction. So I’ll look for those groups on Twitter and Facebook. I’ve already joined a few groups on Goodreads. How do you keep track of them all? And do you mostly watch their comments or actually interact with them?

Again, these are great questions. And again, there are no right or wrong answers.

I have writer friends who spend a lot of time on social media interacting with their friends and followers. They love it and they really maximize their author platform online.

After several years of participating in online social media, however, I have learned that it is not the best fit for my interests, personality, or time. I’d rather write a teacher’s guide and post it in my store, Teachers Pay Teachers, where teachers can get it for free and learn about my book and hopefully purchase copies of it for their classroom.

So for my strategy for building up my social media on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as I’m getting closer to the release of my book JANE AUSTEN FOR KIDS, I’m not planning on interacting with people every day. I’m planning on holding one to four marketing campaigns throughout the year to market various books of mine. So there will be times when I’m very active with my followers and friends for my target BUYING audience (this includes mostly teachers and librarians). But the other months of the year, I’ll probably not interact much with those platforms at all. That’s just my personal preference.

The bottom line:
My writing comes first. I am constantly writing fresh new content for new picture books or new teaching resources or new nonfiction children’s books.

Then after that, as I have time, or as I purpose to do, I’m spending time on my author’s platform in the realm of social media, helping to promote and market my books.


  1. Good thoughts, Nancy. Writing is king!😊 Now I have to find my own tribe of teachers and librarians. . .

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