Posted by: nancyisanders | October 8, 2018

Educator’s Guide: Reader’s Theater

Jane Austen for Kids official cover.jpg

As many of you know, I’m eagerly awaiting the publication of my newest book, JANE AUSTEN FOR KIDS. Its release date is February 2019.

As with many of my other books, I’m creating a free educator’s guide to go along with it.

If you write for children, it’s a good idea to create an educator’s guide to go along with your book too. Some publishers provide this, but many don’t, so for the ones who don’t, I make it myself. I’m starting to work on my educator’s guide for JANE AUSTEN FOR KIDS, so I wanted to share the steps I’m taking, here on my blog, so you can learn how to create one for your book as well.

An educator’s guide serves many important purposes. For one thing, it gets your book into the hands of teachers and teachers are a key buying force–a vital target audience for you to market to.

For another thing, somewhere in your educator’s guide you can market your book (and other books you’ve written) so that it increases your marketing exposure.

And most of all, it helps bring your book to life for kids. The activities in an educator’s guide can be fun and exciting and help add interest and connect with the hearts of kids so they become even more enthusiastic about your book.

The first component of my educator’s guide that I’m going to create will be a reader’s theater story about Jane Austen. Here in the upcoming days on my blog, I’ll be taking you through the process I’m going through, step-by-step, to write it.

Readers theater stories are AWESOME! They are fun for kids to perform. They bring your topic to life. They are always a favorite in an educator’s guide. Plus, you can write these puppies even if you do not yet have a published book and sell them yourself on the site, TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS.

I highly recommend you join TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS. (You don’t have to be a teacher to join.) It’s an amazing place you can self-publish various products and stories and SELL them for teachers to use in the classroom. It’s also a great place you can post your free teacher’s guide for your published book to get it in the hand of teachers everywhere.

Go to the TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS site and register to join. It’s free and anybody can join! Registration is simple–it will ask you for your name, e-mail, username, and password. Plus, it will ask if you’re a teacher, but if you’re not (like me) just click “not a teacher.” If you write for children, this is a must-have site to join. You can browse on this site and discover what teachers are teaching in classrooms and get tons of ideas for writing new stories and books for kids. CLICK HERE to go to Teachers Pay Teachers and register. (If you’re already a member of TpT, you can skip this step.)

While you’re at it, go to my store TEACHER PLUS WRITER and click “Follow me!” I’d love for you to follow my store and learn about new products I’m creating for kids as I post them several times a year. CLICK HERE to go to my online store and follow me.

And if you have a store on Teachers Pay Teachers, I’d love to follow you, too! Just post a comment here with the name of your store and I’ll follow you, too.

Stay tuned…as we get started on learning how to write a reader’s theater.


  1. Once again, Nancy, you are focusing on where I am in the publishing process. I’ve signed up and am following you. Looking forward to more insights on the Teacher’s guide. Although I have written a tentative one, I hope to revise it soon. Thanks!

  2. Terrific cover of your new book, Nancy! I’ve never written a readers’ theater story, so will be interested to hear how you do that. My Teachers Pay Teachers store is WonderFun Learning ( I think maybe you’re already a follower. Thank you. I already follow you.

    • Thx! And yes, I’m one of your followers!!!

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