Posted by: nancyisanders | February 22, 2019

Research, and More Research!

P1080450 stacking the books favorite.JPG

Just for fun I thought I’d stack up most of the research books I used to write my new book, Jane Austen for Kids, to see how tall the stack was.

As you can see, the books were just taller than I am!!!!

Of course, there’s no way all that research can be packed into a 136 page book for kids. In fact, quite a few large chunks of text and images were removed from my manuscript near the end to reach my word count.

But nothing is wasted!

Extra research is never a waste.

I’m using those big chunks I had to take out of my manuscript to build the book’s website and also an educator’s guide for teachers to use my book in their classroom. (You can view the website in progress if you CLICK HERE.)

Plus, I plan on writing supplemental material to go with the book that I can sell in my store at Teachers Pay Teachers.

And to read an awesome post by my writing group, the Nonfiction Ninjas, on how to reuse research for different purposes, CLICK HERE.


  1. That’s quite a stack of books, Nancy!

    • Yes! A lot were borrowed from my local university but then I ended up purchasing many of them to continue my research.

  2. That’s a ton of research, Nancy! Your new website is lookin’good.☺️

  3. Your organizational skills amaze me!

  4. Your website is looking great! And thanks for the link to the Nonfiction Ninjas for great ideas on using all our research.

    • Glad you like the Nonfiction Ninjas!

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