Posted by: nancyisanders | July 15, 2019

Creating 3-D Characters


When I was working on my nonfiction book, JANE AUSTEN FOR KIDS, I was researching a woman who is known as a genius in literature for character development.

I knew I really really wanted to develop her character, even in this nonfiction title, so that she was a truly unique and identifiable personality…in other words I wanted her to come alive on the page as a living and breathing individual.

It’s so easy to produce flat, cardboard characters that are one-dimensional. Jane Austen is famous for creating three-dimensional characters that feel so real people can still identify with and relate to them today.

Over my years of writing for children’s fiction series as well as picture books and nonfiction for kids, creating 3-D characters has been key. They catch the editor’s eye and touch the hearts of young readers.

I’m excited to share with you a brand new audio/video class that I’ve created as one of the instructors for SERIOUS WRITER ACADEMY. I recently joined this academy as an instructor and this is my very first class! SERIOUS WRITER ACADEMY is the place you can purchase a la carte writing courses to fit your career needs!

My course is called DEVELOP YOUR CHARACTERS WITH TOP SECRET DETECTIVE FILES. Each video is bursting with information about techniques I actually use as a career author to bring my children’s characters to life. You’ll also get handouts and worksheets to fill in to help you during the writing process.

With 6 videos and a total of 75 minutes of instruction, you’ll be equipped to develop 3-D characters whether you write fiction or nonfiction, picture books or novels, magazine articles or online stories!

CLICK HERE for more information and the link to purchase my brand new class.

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