Posted by: nancyisanders | October 3, 2019

Writer’s Journal: Additional Pages


Part of the fun of creating homemade writer’s journals for my research as I wrote JANE AUSTEN FOR KIDS was to add additional pages into my notebooks.





Some pages I Xeroxed from books and taped across the top to flip up as I referred to the information.





Some pages I Xeroxed and glued right onto my pages of my writer’s journal.



Some pages I taped together along the left and taped them into my writer’s journal to open and read like a mini-book.



And some pages were things I had handwritten without my journal. (I might have been away from home when I suddenly got an idea or a concept such as this concept I had for the timeline I wanted to include in my book.) I just grabbed any piece of paper I could find, jotted down my idea, and when I got back home I glued this into my research notebook.

This also works well if you’re writing chronological notes and you want to plug an event in between two pages you’ve already filled in your journal. Just cut full pages to size and tape them in between the two pages they fit in, taping as close to the spine as possible. Number them 16b or 22b and make a note of this in your table of contents.


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