Posted by: nancyisanders | December 4, 2019

Writer’s Journal: Journaling an Event


Keeping a journal at a research-related or writing event can be so rewarding in so many countless ways.

For example, when I walked into the workshop on making a Jane-Austen era turban, there was a stack of postcards.

I took two.

TIP: If it’s available, always take two of colorful 1-page double-sided handouts so you can glue the front up AND the back up and have both there to see. (If only one is available, tape it into your journal after you get home, don’t glue it, so you can flip it over to see the back.)

I glued them immediately into my journal–the front as a reference for the style.

The back as a reference for the presenter’s contact information.

The benefit?

I eventually added a craft to my book, JANE AUSTEN FOR KIDS, on how to make regency era turban. I used notes from the workshop to create my own series of how-to-instructions, and when I hit a glitch, I used the contact info on the postcard to call the presenter and ask her for help.

And as you can see, I also took hand-drawn illustrations as notes, too.

I’m definitely not an artist, but I’ve learned not to be shy about sketching little sketches when it helps.

Here’s another double-sided flyer I took two of so I could glue both sides in my journal.



  1. Thanks for the practical tips!

  2. I have so enjoyed reading how you keep a research journal. There are so many fun and beautiful ideas to try. Thanks, Nancy!

    • So glad you’re enjoying a peek into my writing world. And super congratulations on the success of your book on bees!

      • You offer such concrete, practical advice that I always learn something! And thanks so much for the kind word on bees!

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