Posted by: nancyisanders | March 23, 2020

NF PB BIO Step 4

2015 Los Angeles bookstore DSCN2905

The very next thing I did after choosing which woman I wanted to write about was to order in mentor texts from my local library.

Basically, mentor texts are books that are already published in your genre that you want to model your manuscript after.

I am targeting a specific publisher so I looked through their catalog and basically ordered in from my library about 8 of their picture book biographies about women. Plus 2 others from a different publisher just to compare. (I also ordered in more titles from my library from the links below, also to compare.) Unfortunately, our local library is now closed, but I ordered about 30 picture books anyhow and hope to grab them as soon as they open back up. Hopefully soon!

So if you’re targeting a specific publisher, you can do the same. But don’t worry if you don’t have a specific publisher in mind. Just order in 10-20 (or more!) picture book biographies about women that have been recently published.

Here are several links you can explore to order in titles from your library that interest you as potential mentor texts:

12 Picture Book Biographies of Truly Amazing Women

25 Biographical Picture Books for National Women’s History Month

31 New Picture Book Biographies

And just a note…stay healthy! Read lots of Psalms to strengthen you and comfort you in these challenging days!!!!


  1. Thanks! Does your library subscribe to LIBBY? Mine does. It’s for borrowing electronic books. Unfortunately there are very few PBs on it. But lots of others. You can read them by getting the LIBBY app or using your Kindle app for some of them.

    • This is an awesome tip, especially for right now! I’m going to check into this! Thanks!

  2. Thank you for the links Nancy. I’ve obtained some titles to aid me with my current project. Prayers for all to be well during these challenging days.

    • Yay! And so glad to hear that you’re praying, too. This is such a time for prayer warriors to help carry everyone through!

      • Yes. I’m blessed to have many prayer warriors in my life. We will prevail.

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