Posted by: nancyisanders | March 26, 2020

NF PB BIO Step 5 Research


Nonfiction Picture Book Biography Step 5 Research

While waiting for my mentor texts to arrive (this process is taking a lot longer than normal due to the libraries closing), I started gathering my online research.

Because there are no books written about my topic, all my research sources will be online unless I call a museum or historic site and they tell me of some more published books about her. (If you do have published books you’re planning on using for research, order those in from the library, too.)

I went online and basically printed out EVERYTHING I could find about my topic.

As I printed out each article or reference, I also started my bibliography.

Here’s how I formatted my online resources for my bibliography:

Name of Website. Name of Author of Article first name and then last name. “Title of article in quotes.” Date I printed the article with Month, day, year. URL of website article.

I put these in alphabetical order.

The nice thing about creating my bibliography the very first day I start gathering research is that it makes it so easy to take notes while I’m writing the manuscript. As I type my manuscript onto the computer, I just add a zillion footnotes and copy from the bibliography and paste the reference into the footnote for each fact I mention.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


  1. Such good advice! I’m loving your process!

    • Yay! So glad you’re connecting with this!

  2. Nancy, I have yet to use footnotes. I know I need to learn. I basically know where I got info, but it needs to be in a better form. Could you show a sample page with footnotes? Thanks so much. Your posts have been most helpful.

    • Absolutely! I’ll do a blog post on this hopefully soon!

  3. Love the multitasking steps Nancy-true timesavers.

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