Posted by: nancyisanders | September 3, 2020

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy mateys! It be coming up soon, the celebration we all have been waiting for.

September 19, 2020, is the official International Talk Like a Pirate Day and this be a perfect year to celebrate.

If yer wee ones have never celebrated this before, just put on an eye patch, swagger around, and use all the piratey words ye can think of.

Teachers, educators, homeschoolers, and librarians! ARRRRRR ye looking fer some fun ways to Zoom with yer students? Encourage them all to join in the rollicking fun by dressing up and make it educational to boot.

Here be some resources ye can use:

A Pirate’s Mother Goose. This picture book illustrated by Colin Jack is filled with rollicking nursery rhymes retold piratey style. A great read-aloud for your wee ones at home, yer students over Zoom, or an online storytime. Hurry up and ye can buy it in time fer the festivities if ye click here on Amazon or on yer favorite online bookstore.

Free Educator’s Guide. Click here to visit the book’s website for a free downloadable Educator’s Guide and other exciting piratey treasures. You’ll find pirate crafts, pirate coloring pages, and a printable pirate dictionary! Shiver me timbers! Now that’s a gem to steal.

Entire Pirate Unit. Do ye have pirates in training? Do ye love teaching English, Math, and Science all with a piratey theme? This be the perfect month to engage yer students preK to Second Grade whether online or in person. What a great way to get yer young whippersnappers excited to be back in school, whichever way ye’re spelling it. This unit be available to them that clicks here to visit my store at Teachers Pay Teachers.

If ye’ve never celebrated before, this be the perfect year to start. And if ye be celebrating it again but looking fer something new…check out these resources to enjoy a swashbuckling good time.



  1. Cute. I bet I’ll be talking like a pirate. 🙂 Ahoy matey!

  2. Landlubber that I am…if I didn’t have to hang me head over the rail and toss me cookies to the sea whenever I’m on a boat, I’d be a pirate. Looking forward to the 19th. Thanks for the heads up, Nancy 🙂

    • Aaarrrrrgh! Ye be a piratey landlubber for sure!

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