Posted by: nancyisanders | November 2, 2020

40 x 4 Picture Book Challenge Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of the 40 x 4 Picture Book Challenge! The challenge is to read 40 picture books in 4 weeks. Come on, we can do this!

It’s always a great idea to read, read, read in our genre, but if you’re like me sometimes I get too busy working on my manuscript to immerse myself in actually reading. So this month, I’m going for the gold! I’m glad to hear from you that you’re joining in the adventure, too!

For my first batch of books (my library only lets me order in 15 books at a time unless I borrow my husband’s card and up it to 30) I’m focusing on reading a bunch of picture books on a certain topic. Grief, to be exact. I wanted to write a picture book on grief, so I ordered in as many as I could find from a list I found for the best picture books on sharing grief for kids.

I already started reading through these picture books, and as I do I am taking notes. I’m filling in a rubric I like to use when I read picture books. If you’d like to use the same rubric I do, CLICK HERE to visit my site Writing According to Humphrey and Friends. On there you’ll find a list of various worksheets I’ve made that you can download and print out to use.

Look for the rubrics for fiction picture book, nonfiction picture book, or informational text picture book. As you evaluate the books you’re reading, it will help you evaluate your own manuscripts you’re working on. Have fun!


  1. I’m sorry your library has a limit. Is it open yet or just for pick-up like ours?

    Looking forward to joining the challenge.

    • Our library is closed until after the elections! But it’s opened for limited times so I’m eager to stop in and pick up the titles I ordered in!

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