Posted by: nancyisanders | November 9, 2020

40 x 4 Picture Book Challenge: Week 2

As you’re plowing through reading lots of picture books this month, 40 to be exact, you might want to keep a handy list of what you’re reading.

I am.

In fact, I created a handy chart to write down my handy list and I want to share it here with you! Just click on the downloadable file to download it and print it out.

What do I do with my list? I’ll put it in my Children’s Writer’s Notebook, a three-ring binder, which is where I’m adding the rubrics I’m creating for the picture books I’m reading this month.

I keep all the rubrics for picture books I read in one handy place so I can refer to it while I’m working on writing my own manuscripts. This handy reading list keeps all the titles I’m reading this month in one quick place so I can remember each title and then look it up among my alphabetical list of rubrics.


  1. Thanks Nancy. I’ve been reading at least 5 a week so far. This worksheet will organize the books quite well.

  2. great chart – thanks!

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