Posted by: nancyisanders | February 27, 2021

KidLit Writers and Homeschoolers

I’ve always had my ear to the ground, so to speak, regarding homeschooling families, even though my husband and I didn’t homeschool our two sons. For one thing, two of my sisters homeschooled their children, so I learned how wonderful this experience can be.

But now that our grandson is being homeschooled, I feel even more connected with the homeschooling community. And little did I expect that every child in our neighborhood and many in our nation and countless around the world would be homeschooled over the course of this last year…and still continuing!

Yes, homeschooling families have become a big part of our current culture, whether by choice or by circumstances.

So what does this have to do with KidLit writers? With you and me?

Plenty! As I discovered this last year when some of my books and products for homeschoolers skyrocketed in sales, this is a valuable target audience for us authors who write for children.

And as we’re building our social media platform, it’s important to include homeschooling groups on our radar as we spread the word about the books and products we create and publish for kids.

Even if you’ve never homeschooled before, it’s a good time to start connecting with homeschooling groups who use your favorite social media platforms. Join their groups. Follow their loops. Connect with members. Get to know their needs and wants. Not only will this help generate ideas for you to write about in future book projects, but you can connect with folks who will want to read your current published books. And that’s good news for marketing!

Image by Jozef Mikulcik from Pixabay


  1. Great ideas, Nancy!

  2. What a great idea! But how can someone connect to this market? Where would I find groups to follow? How did the home schoolers find your books? (And how wonderful for you to have skyrocketing sales!) TIA.

    • Great questions! Instead of answering them here in the comments I’ll post the answers on my blog. Keep an eye out for an upcoming post!

  3. Thanks for sharing ! I homeschooled my youngest this past year and have looked for resources to enrich his learning. I learned a lot from fellow homeschool moms. Nothing matches the word-of-mouth recommendation of another homeschool parent.

    • Hooray for you!!! Thanks so much for sharing!

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