Posted by: nancyisanders | March 4, 2021

KidLit Writers Connect With Homeschoolers

Thank you, Mary, for asking such great questions about my previous post. Rather than write a lengthy comment in the comments section, I thought it would be more helpful to all of us to answer your questions in this post.

Here is a recap of Mary’s questions:

  1. How can a KidLit writer connect to the homeschooling market?
  2. Where would I find homeschooling groups to follow?
  3. How did the homeschoolers find your books?

Q: How can a KidLit writer connect to the homeschooling market?

A: My goal is to connect with the homeschooling market on various platforms. In other words, I want to hang out online where they are hanging out.

Q: Where would I find homeschooling groups to follow?

A: On Instagram, I follow two very influential homeschool bloggers. (CLICK HERE to follow me on Instagram @nancyisanders and I’ll follow you back!) I also like to follow people who comment on their posts because most are homeschooling mamas and families who love children’s books.

@wovenchildhood has 47.6K followers and will get 1.5K comments on her posts.

@Lacy.arrowsmith has 46.7 followers and will get close to a thousand comments on each post.

On Facebook I have joined a couple of homeschool private groups. (CLICK HERE to like my Author’s Page on Facebook. Then post the link to your page in the comments and I’ll like/follow you too!) I am just starting here but I am commenting and getting to know these folks. Already I’ve been able to recommend some of my books as answers to their questions. And unlike if you make a post on Facebook and only a small amount of your followers actually end up seeing it, every person who is reading the posts in these private Facebook groups will read your post, too. And that’s a lot of eyes!

Christian Homeschool Families has 45K members.

Hip Homeschool Moms has 36K members.

On Pinterest, I am just getting my feet wet, but the gal to follow as the Homeschooling Queen of Pinterest is @writebonnierose. Bonnie Rose Hudson has 124.3 monthly views and 5.9K followers. All looking for homeschooling products to use. Follow her on Pinterest. Repin her pins. Help her amazing audience connect with you. (CLICK HERE to follow me on Pinterest. @nancyisanders. Then post the link in the comments below and I’ll follow you back!)

Q: How did the homeschoolers find your books?

A: I have written a 6-book homeschooling writing curriculum called WriteShop Primary and WriteShop Junior. When Covid hit and many parents suddenly found themselves homeschooling, sales of these 6 books skyrocketed. Where did they find these books? Kim Kautzer, publisher and editor (and writer for some of the primary/junior material) is very active on various social media platforms where she engages with homeschoolers and promotes WriteShop. WriteShop has its own website and it also has its own private Facebook group for homeschooling mamas to join.

Hopefully these answers will help you find WHERE to connect to the homeschooling market. But for the HOW to build your platform so that homeschoolers and others in your target audience connect with you and your books, I highly recommend a year-long class on marketing that I’ve been taking since last May. It has been a game changer for me as a KidLit writer. The best thing is that it’s a very reasonable pace. We learn one platform a month with one new video class every Friday—and it’s all for a very reasonable monthly fee.

So if you would like to learn marketing strategies at a nice pace, with an author who is a social media guru to hold your hand and help inspire you each step of the way, CLICK HERE on this affiliate link to find out the amazing details and pay a monthly fee.  CLICK HERE on this affiliate link to sign up and pay all at once for the whole year.

Let me know if you have any more questions to add to Mary’s list!


  1. WOW! What great information! You never disappoint. 🙂 In addition to all of the great info on homeschooling groups, I loved learning about the marketing class. I’ve never met a writer who feels comfortable with marketing. Thanks so much!

    • Oh I’m so glad this is helpful to you!!!! And I can’t say enough about this marketing class. Marketing has always been a dreadful thought in my day…but now I feel so empowered and engaged and invested…all because of this class! I know this is really going to help me as a writer and I so want to help my writer friends find this treasure, too!

  2. Mary McClellan took the words out of my mouth. Thanks you for your generosity, Nancy 🙂

    • You’re welcome! I think it’s so important to help support each other and help each other when we can!

  3. Nancy, Thanks for your suggestions and practical advice. I’d really like to tap into the homeschool market so I really appreciate your suggestions.

  4. Hi Nancy! Thank you so much for sharing this information! As an art teacher with a blog with art activities for kids, I’ve been trying to get more in touch with these groups, too, so your suggestions for popular ones are so helpful! I liked and followed you on Facebook and Pinterest, and here are links to my Facebook page and Pinterest. I am still learning about all these platforms, too!

    Do you think that the course you’ve been taking would still be helpful if I already have someone helping update a few things? I know I’m not taking advantage of all these platforms as much as I could.

    • Thanks for sharing your links, Kathy! I followed you on Facebook and Pinterest. And I signed up for your newsletter! And regarding the course…the great thing is that you’re free to cancel at any time. I’ve learned so much that I think you would even appreciate understanding how these platforms work so you can interact more with the person helping you on your platforms. Check it out and let me know what you think.

      By the way, do you have a store on Teachers Pay Teachers? I do! Let me know your store and I’ll follow you and it would be great if you follow me. Mine is: TEACHER PLUS WRITER.

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