Posted by: nancyisanders | May 2, 2021


I just listened to an amazing Zoom meeting with a successful KidLit writer sharing tips and tools of the trade. As I listened, I found myself longing to know more about this author. How many hours did she write each day? What was her office like? How did she land her contracts with some of those publishers I was wishing I could get published with?

You get the picture…what’s happening behind-the-scenes in this other KidLit writer’s life?

So then I though…hey! You might want to see what’s happening behind-the-scenes in my corner of the world, too. And you could even share in the comments about what’s happening in yours. We could have a kind of reality show going on, LOL, where we let each other see the nitty gritty of what a real KidLit writer’s life is like with all the ups and downs.

So here’s my first share for our new reality show. After watching that free Zoom meeting–yes! it was FREE as are many of the Zoom meetings hosted by the amazing duo, husband and wife team Laura Backes and Jon Bard, at Children’s Book Insider (CBI)–I visited their website and signed up to pay to renew my membership which had lapsed. (That’s why I was so jazzed to get to participate for free even though I needed to catch up on my membership dues.)

Every year I INVEST in tools to help me grow as a writer. You know…market guides, online subscriptions, and how-to-write courses etc. It doesn’t take much, but it’s worth it. I choose very carefully what I invest in and that morning it was time to renew at CBI.

Next on my list is to dig into all the great resources they’ve already provided me! First up: their monthly subscription.


  1. Yes! I review what writing/illustration steps I need to take each year. Thank you, Nancy, for all you do for this amazing kid lit community. I do belong to CBI–terrific resource!

    • Yes, isn’t CBI an amazing resource? I’ve gleaned from them for YEARS! So glad you’re part of the Club, too!!

      • CBI is one of the best resources I gave to me 🙂

  2. CBI is terrific! And peeking into other writers’ lives is fun!

    • Yes! And I can’t wait to peek into your writing day, too!

  3. I love CBI! I haven’t taken advantage of all the resources either.

    • So fun to share these amazing resources!

  4. I love CBI but I know I haven’t even begun to make use of all that they provide. Such great stuff! Looking forward to having a peek into the lives of other writers!

    • Yay! And it will be fun to learn more about you too!

  5. CBI has been coming to me for several years and it gets better and better. Now with the webinars they offer, Jon and Laura have added more layers to their publication. And Nancy, I love this reality show of yours. Keep it coming and thank you!

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