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My friend and fellow Christian KidLit Writer, Karen Whiting, is here today to share top tips for an exciting marketing lead with great opportunities to get published AND market your brand or published books.

Karen, thanks for joining us! I love how you shared recently with me about how you write for Crosswalk. Can you share with us some of the great marketing opportunities you’ve had from writing for Crosswalk?

Millions of readers follow Crosswalk online. That provides an opportunity to reach many people on a given topic. I like to pitch and write articles related to my books and include a direct link to the book in the bio at the end of the article. Since my book Growing a Mother’s Heart: Devotions of Faith, Hope, and Love released before Mother’s Day and contains one story every week related to moms in the Bible, I wrote about amazing actions and character qualities or ten biblical moms. My article had 240,000 hits within four days. (CLICK HERE to read 10 AMAZING THINGS ABOUT MOMS IN THE BIBLE THAT ARE WORTH CELEBRATING.) That’s an easy way to promote the book to many readers. When I had an article on 9 Ways to Pray as a Family it sat for a while and then months later hit number one, so millions read it. A related book will release this fall, 52 Weekly Devotions for Family Prayer, and I will link back to the article when the book releases. For marketing, it’s great that we can continue to link to popular articles to promote our books.

How does a new writer initiate a relationship with Crosswalk?

To write for Crosswalk, CLICK HERE to apply and be sure to include listing some writing credits. If accepted, you’ll be assigned to an editor. That editor may have a wish list of articles you could write, and you can also pitch ideas. They pay except for your first article. It’s owned by Salem Communications, so that can be helpful when you want to be a guest on one of their radio stations.

Do you have any tips about writing for Crosswalk?

Crosswalk uses a few types of articles so read several before applying or writing for them. Some are slide shows, some are numbered, and others are simply regular articles. They do like balance if you are doing a numbered or slide show article so that each section has about the same number of words. Also, consider long-tail SEO as you write with the use of questions that people might use in a search engine or on an audio device.

As usual, you need to communicate with your editor. When I pitch an idea, I also let the editor know when I can finish and submit it. I ask if there are any special needs, and if there’s a problem (like health issues) I let the editor know if it changes my ability to meet the deadline.

Karen, thank you so much for sharing such exciting information for all of us to use! What other writing projects are you currently working on?

I have three upcoming fall releases that can all be pre-ordered now, so I’m working on marketing them. I start with creating memes and posting photos and memes on hidden Pinterest boards. I also use the images for blog prompts and may write and schedule quite a few blog posts before the releases. That way I have blogs rolling out as the book releases and I can focus on media interviews. With the hidden board I either create a new public board and roll out the images over time or I make a big splash by converting it to public on the release day. The new books, all with Tyndale Kids, are:

  • 52 Weekly Devotions for Family Prayer releases in October

Every week provides a new way to pray as a family from simple ways for children to learn to form prayers to active play-and-pray activities and also reflective prayers. This lets children integrate prayer into their daily lives. Each week starts with a question children ask about prayer and three hands-on activities helps them explore the question. Chat prompts allow parents to converse about the prayer focus and dig deeper if children are older or keep it simple for younger ones.

  • Devos for Brave Boys releases in November

60 dynamic devotions to inspire courage are each paired with an activity. My co-author Jesse Florea and I wrote various types of devotions that include retold Bible stories, ones based on unusual facts, and true stories of heroes and kids like themselves. Activities include jokes, puzzles, tongue twisters, hands-on fun and experiments, and lift-off lists to help boys do short self-assessments.

  • The Super-Sized Book of Bible Gift Crafts (my 30th book) releases in December

My daughter Rebecca White and I wrote this book of paper crafts for children to make. Each craft includes a Scripture, patterns, and directions. The crafts focus on kindness, encouragement, and outreach with ideas of words to add to the crafts. They are fun and inexpensive to make. Many can be made fast for children to create gifts to give friends or groups to pass out at events to share faith messages. Twelve types of crafts include games, puppets, storytelling aids, school items, cards, decorations, holiday crafts, and friendship crafts.

Karen, congratulations on all your wonderful new books! And thanks so much for stopping by and sharing with us. I’m so excited with the possibilities of connecting with Crosswalk!


  1. Thanks for this morning’s tips on writing for a Christian market. And for once source to investigate and possibly write for. I love reading your posts, Nancy. Thank you for my daily inspiration.

    • You’re welcome! I’m so glad Karen could share this with us!

  2. Great to know of another opportunity for me to write articles for a Christian site. Thanks for getting this information out, Nancy!

    • You’re welcome! Praying God will open doors!

  3. Wow! So many great ideas and books, and a challenge for us to consider writing for Crosswalk as well.

  4. Thanks for the informative post, Karen. Congratulations on the fruit of all your hard work.

  5. Thanks for sharing this wonderful opportunity!

  6. Wow so many amazing tips for an exciting marketing lead, really helpful and congratulations on all your publications. Thank you for sharing this.

    • You’re welcome…Karen is the best!

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