Posted by: nancyisanders | November 6, 2021

KidLit Career Building: Get Published Step 2

Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay

Yes, I like to get published regularly every year. In between working on my book deadlines I’m writing for the goal of earning income and other book manuscripts I’m writing for the goal of personal fulfillment.

To get published on a steady basis, I have certain magazines and periodicals I like to write and submit to every year. Plus, I’m always on the lookout for new opportunities as well.


Here’s a hack I use to practically guarantee continuously seeing my name in print several times each year:

Whether I submit a query or a completed manuscript to my target publication, I always include 3-5 pitches for potential manuscripts I feel will fit in well with that publication. The exciting news? Even if my completed manuscript isn’t quite a good fit for them, they most always pick one or more of my pitches and ask me to submit a potential manuscript based on that.

And what usually happens next? After I write and submit my manuscript to them, because they initially asked for this, they usually buy it, even if they ask me to edit it before the final approval.

If I’m submitting a completed manuscript to them, I include these 3-5 pitches in the cover letter of that manuscript.

If I’m just sending them an email query, I include those 3-5 pitches in the query letter.


Basically, I pick a catchy working title for my idea.

Then I write a 3-5 sentence paragraph about that idea.

Then I list 3-5 of these ideas in my letter to the editor.


As I’ve mentioned before, getting published and seeing our name in print is essential as a writer. Working regularly with editors and meeting deadlines and targeting publisher’s needs are skills we constantly need to hone in this career. By writing for magazines and online publications regularly throughout each year, we build confidence and experience as a writer while we’re waiting for our book contracts to come through.


If you aren’t getting published regularly every year as a KidLit writer, plan to write and submit to an editor this month. And throughout the year ahead. The benefits are too many to count! You can submit to the publisher of your choice. Need ideas? Here are some publishers in the Christian market that currently NEED submissions. (That’s right…they are LOOKING for writers to submit!):

Crosswalk: This online publication needs Christian writers to submit articles on parenting, faith, and more! If you’re a Christian KidLit writer, this is a great place to build credentials on the topic your published books feature. It’s also a great platform to include a byline of your published books as these articles have the potential to get a huge circulation. And if you’re not yet published, it’s a great place to build a platform for that manuscript you’re trying to sell to a book editor. CLICK HERE for their submission guidelines.

Christian Devotions: Like to write for teens and young adults? This is a great ministry to write for. They need devotions to impact our world for Christ. (Did I mention that devotions for kids are hot manuscripts right now for book publishers?) Learn how to write devos by getting published here! Build your resume by getting published here! Reach hearts for Jesus by getting published here! CLICK HERE for their submission guidelines.

Focus on the Family Clubhouse: I love writing for this magazine. Not only are they great to work with and their magazine is super professional, they reach tons of kids for Christ. HOT TIP: The best way to experience breakthrough with this magazine is to submit a nonfiction piece to them. We’re talking quizzes, activities, and crafts. Then after they accept your breakthrough manuscript, you can pitch ideas for their other features, too. Just remember to include your pitches when you submit! CLICK HERE for their submission guidelines.


Tell us in a comment below where you are going to submit. (If it’s confidential, just give us a general idea.)


If you read this post and have already decided not to do the TAKE ACTION STEP, tell us in a comment below why you made this choice. Maybe we can help you overcome your writer’s block in this area so you can experience breakthrough as a published author.


  1. Thank you for the hack and the actions steps!

  2. Thank you, Nancy! You always have such good, practical ideas. And, yep, last week I revised a rebus story in my reject file and subbed it to a magazine I hadn’t subbed to in several years.

    • Hip hip hooray for you, Ev! Thanks so much for sharing. It encourages us all.

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