Posted by: nancyisanders | January 17, 2022

Bedtime E-book and Memory Maker!

For Christmas we like to exchange Christmas cards and small gifts with our neighbors. We live on a cul-de-sac and the community mailbox is in our front yard, so every day each one of the 12 families who live on our street come to visit our mailbox. If we’re outside doing yardwork or working in the garage, they often stop and say hi and chat for a moment.

So this Christmas as our gift to the families with little children on our street or with grandchildren who come to visit, we gave them each a gift of my newest book, the bedtime board book, Bedtime with Mommy.

It was such a joy to my heart, then, to chat with one of our neighbors last week and she told me that her one-year-old’s favorite book is now Bedtime with Mommy! She said that every night they HAVE to read it together with him when they put him to bed. And they can’t skip a word or he knows.

My other neighbor stopped to get her mail a few days earlier and said she bought a second copy of Bedtime with Mommy to give to her second grandbaby who was born this year (after getting our Christmas gift of the first copy). She asked me to autograph it to him personally, so I did. Fortunately, her grandbabies live close by.

I know that so many of us grandparents have grandchildren who live far away, so I’m excited to share that my book Bedtime with Mommy is available in e-book format on a new storytelling platform, Make Momentos. With Make Momentos, adults can record their own audio narration of a children’s e-book and send it to a special child in their life. The best part is, the gift is a permanent keepsake that can be passed down to future generations. So even for mommies and grandmamas whose snugglebumpkin is close by, you can even create a keepsake for your special little ones.

I was invited to write a guest blog post for Make Momentos this month on creating meaningful bedtime routines. Click here to read it.


  1. I love the idea of the Make Momentos site. Congratulations

    • Thank you! It’s exciting to know its available to families who want to create a lasting memory or even long-distance families such as those who serve overseas in our military. Thanks for your kind words!

  2. How sweet of your neighbors!

    • Yes…we have the nicest neighbors!!!!

  3. Nancy, how wonderful that you have developed relationships with your neighbors. The mailbox in your yard reminds me of front porches in days gone by.
    Make Momentos is wonderful! Congratulations on a new way to get your book to more readers.

    • Yes, we feel so blessed! And thank you for your sweet support. It means a lot!

  4. How special that your Bedtime with Mommy book meant so much to your neighbors. I can certainly understand why. And what a wonderful post on Make Momentos .

  5. What a wonderful new way for your book to reach more families! Congratulations!

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