Posted by: nancyisanders | March 3, 2022

Master Class for Christian KidLit Writers

I’ve got some exciting news for children’s writers! My dear friend, Karen Whiting is teaching an online Master Class on how to write devotions for kids, teens, families and adults! Devotions are hot. Devotions are in. Devotions are one of the best kept secrets of how YOU can break into the world of getting published in the Christian market.

So mark your calendars for Saturday, April 23, 2022! And CLICK HERE to learn more about this event and how to register. It’s just $69 and that’s an investment in your writing career you’ll be glad you take.

Oh, did I mention that not just one, but TWO, (yes 2!) editors will be also popping in to tell you how you can submit to them!

Marianne Hering, editor at Focus on the Family who acquires parenting articles and tips and hacks, will be sharing what she’s looking for…and then inviting you to submit to her paying market!

And Michelle Medlock Adams will be talking with us to let us know all about her brand new children’s imprint with End Game Press. She’ll be sharing tips on how to submit your children’s book to her!

So join me and the other wonderful Christian children’s writers at Write2Ignite! This April.

And if you haven’t ever plugged into this amazing community of KidLit writers who have a heart for God, hop on over to our website and get plugged in!

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  1. Thanks for posting this on your blog. I need to do that too!

  2. Thanks, Nancy! You’re an amazing addition to our Write2Ignite Team!

    • It’s a joy to be part of this amazing group of Christian KidLit writers!

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