Posted by: nancyisanders | August 2, 2022

Virtual Christian Writer’s Conference

(image courtesy of w2i newsletter)

Annette Whipple writes nonfiction for kids. Exciting. Fun. Engaging. Yep! It can be done. Nonfiction for kids doesn’t have to be boring or bleh. And Annette knows just how to do it.

CLICK HERE to read about Annette’s new adventure teaching an upcoming virtual Master Class at Write2Ignite.

Why am I sharing about all this? Because I’m so jazzed to announce the BIG, BIG day! (And it doesn’t have a big, big price tag, either!)

My writing friend Annette Whipple will be sharing her expertise on how to write nonfiction for kids. And she should know! She’s been going gangbusters with lots of nonfiction book contracts with a variety of children’s publishers.

And here’s more BIG, BIG news about this special virtual one-day event:

Editor Wiley Blevins of Reycraft Books will be visiting the Master Class to tell YOU how to submit your manuscript to HIM!

And editor Rache Pfeiffer of Clubhouse Jr. magazine will be there, too, to tell YOU what she’s looking for in nonfiction articles and how to submit to HER. (Can I tell you a secret? I write nonfiction for Clulbhouse Jr. and it’s one of the best ways for Kidlit writers to break into this coveted magazine!)

So CLICK HERE to hop on over to read more about Annette.

And CLICK HERE to learn more about the amazing virtual Master Class that is coming to your house on September 10.

And CLICK HERE to register today!


  1. Great blog, Nancy. Reminded me that I need to do the same! I think several of your followers left comments on the post too.

  2. Sounds like an exciting class. Thanks for sharing, Nancy!

    • Yes, it should be so helpful…and fun, too!

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