Writer’s Notebook Worksheets

Over the years, I’ve taught writing classes in a variety of venues such as local conferences, schmoozes, SCBWI Nationals in Los Angeles, large Christian writers’ conferences, local writing groups, and teleclasses with the Working Writers Club.

For most of these classes, I provide worksheets and handouts. These make great resources to add to your own personal writer’s notebook and provide practical steps, handy checklists, and evaluation rubrics you can follow to help take your manuscript from blah to brilliant.

To print out and use these worksheets in your own writer’s notebook, visit my site, Writing According to Humphrey and Friends.


  1. Thanks Nancy. I have your book and have downloaded the worksheets. I hope to put them to good use soon.

    • Great, Marge! I’m glad you’re planning on using the worksheets, too!

  2. I’m in the process of revising a lower middle grade novel. My stomach is in knots, the ugly voice in my head is saying nasty things…and your worksheets are helping me stay focused and get on with the task. Thank you so much, Nancy!

    • Christine, I’m so thankful these are helping you!!! And just tell that nasty voice to go away…all you have to do is the best you can do!!! Best wishes with your project.

  3. Thank you so much for the free outlines.

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